The Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge (DTWTX)

Brownsville at the National DtWT Leadership Conference

Photos from the DtWT National Recognition Ceremony in DC from June 2014. The National Finalists, their teachers and parents, and the coordinators and chairs from each site attended.

End of year luncheon

Here are photos from our annual end of year luncheon at Pelican's Station. The first is a photo of the underclassmen and the second is of the seniors and the Methodist "Church Ladies" who have been meeting with the girls twice a month for the past 4 years. The seniors were originally members of the breakfast club while at Port Isabel Jr. High. The church ladies adopted them when they moved to high school and have encouraged them every step of the way. The mentors will be attending graduation on May 24 to cheer them on. At the luncheon the seniors gave the mentors photos with a note that stated in part, "Thank you for everything you have done for us. You have shown us that life has its ups and its downs, but to never give up on out dreams".