Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge

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How has violence affected my life?
What are the causes of youth violence?
What can I do about youth violence?

Listen. Learn. Amplify.

To say our hearts are heavy is an understatement. We mourn with the families in Uvalde, Texas whose lives were shattered in seconds and the families who were forced to bury a piece of their soul yesterday. We honor the 19 young elementary students and the 2 educators by acknowledging the ugliness of this horrifying tragedy and the sorrow it has brought to a grief stricken nation.

Our hearts are also with those who are being retraumatized by the continuous problem of gun violence in our communities. As hard as it was for all of us at NCSV to show up to work yesterday, we are committed to supporting our youth who are often the first to be impacted by violence and who are on the frontlines, speaking up courageously on how we can take action to build safer futures for all.

In case having resources are helpful to you and when you are ready, below are a few free resources we came across to support discussions with youth about grief and traumatic events.

Reflections from America’s litany of school shootings: What to say, what to do

Showing Up Strong for Yourself—and Your Students—in the Aftermath of Violence

English and Spanish Parent Guide for Helping Youth After Recent Shooting

Trauma Toolkit

With love and solidarity,
Your DtWT Family


Find the help you or your child needs when it comes to bullying or peer pressure. You can also download the Internet Social Media Parent/Student User Agreement for Responsible Digital Citizenship.



The Teacher Packet (in pdf form) contains all of the instructions and forms necessary to involve your students in the Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge. Select your city to download.



An anti-violence & academic program targeted at middle school students. It provides opportunities to think profoundly about the issues surrounding violence and enables them to express themselves.