San Antonio in DC!

Photos from the San Antonio challenge site group in DC. SEE MORE PHOTOS


Austin DC photos- Recognition Week 2019

Houston/Harris County at National Recognition Week in Washington DC 2019

St. Martha Catholic School’s Ethan Shaw and Deepwater Junior High’s Evelyn Flores along with other Houston and Harris County middle school students had a wonderful trip in Washington DC for the national Do the Write Thing program.

The trip was even featured in the Washington Post.

El Paso recognition ceremony 2019

For the 2018-19 Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge, the El Paso school districts had 44 finalists and two ambassadors. Congratulations to all!

San Antonio in DC 2019

The San Antonio DTWTX essay writers were getting to explore Washington, DC thanks to the Challenge!

The 2019 San Antonio National Ambassadors were seventh grader Gabriel Orgas and eight grader Emma Zepeda both of Garner Middle School.

San Antonio event photos

2019 San Antonio National Ambassadors

Gabriel Orgas
Garner Middle School 7th Grade


Emma Zepeda
Garner Middle School 8 th Grade

Beaumont’s National Finalists

We caught up with some of the Beaumont challenge National Finalists with their parents in teachers in Washington, DC.

Beaumont photos from National Recognition Week in DC 2019

Students from the Beaumont area were honored in Washington, DC last July. Here are some photos from their amazing trip.

Pasadena student featured in Washington Post

2019 National Finalists from Houston – Deepwater Junior High’s Evelyn Flores and St. Martha Catholic School’s Ethan Shaw.

Deepwater Junior High’s Evelyn Flores is a 2019 National Finalists from Pasadena ISD, and her trip to Washington DC was featured in the Washington Post.

On the second floor of the Supreme Court building, in a room not open to the public, a 14-year-old girl stood in front of a lectern and described the moment she learned to stop trusting strangers.

“My tears blurred the object held in the man’s hand,” Evelyn Flores said.

“My mind was aware of my younger sister in her stroller about three feet away, but my feet were glued to the harsh concrete of the street. The gun was aimed at my dad, and he was brought to his knees. My strong father who was always a constant beam of support was weakened by a piece of metal.”

Flores described the scream she couldn’t summon and what happened next: How, through a haze, she could hear taunts thrown at her father by the man, a neighbor. How she ran home to grab a phone so her mother could call the police and how that, at last, made the man flee. How she went to bed that night with red and blue lights flashing outside her window and woke up changed. READ MORE

Columnist Theresa Vargas  of the Washington Post

Flores and other Do the Write Thing Challenge finalists gave a leather-bound book to the Library of Congress containing 50 essays from across the United States.